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Hi, I am Timolin. I have taken a modest teacher salary to create a great life; an abundant life by way of strategic money control. I want to show you how to do the same so you can live like a Millionaire on your Budget. Here’s what you will get from our website, videos, workshops, and consultations:

  1. How to manage emotional triggers that lead to overspending
  2. How to be a Good Steward of YOUR Finances
  3. How to Live like a Millionaire on ANY Budget
  4. How to use the Power Money Tool to build the life of YOUR dreams




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“Becoming aware of emotional overspending and its triggers is essential to overcoming financial debt, and feelings of lack, and to increase and maintain unending WEALTH.”

~Timolin r. langin~
Mind over money
How to live like a millionaire on any budget

Five Paradigm Shifts

  • Introduces the fundamental revolution in your money thinking.
  • Challenges you to consciously reject the common assumption that you do not have enough.
  • Starts with the widespread belief in our culture, and others that money makes one happy.

Timolin R. Langin

  • Suggests the surprising idea that feeling wealthy can be the starting place, for being wealthy. The implications of this are enormous and shocking.
  • Asks you to give up the conviction that repeating your hard work over and over yields success.

About Timolin

Timolin R. Langin has become a millionaire on a teacher’s salary. A veteran teacher, author, real estate investor, and world traveler, Timolin has built an impressive financial portfolio that includes eight properties in Los Angeles, one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country.

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