Live Like a Millionaire NOW!


Hello World and Welcome to the Live Like a Millionaire Now Movement, on New Fit World TV!

I am so excited to share money tips, stories and take questions to help working people everywhere

Live Life by Design; not Default!

~Timolin R. Langin


This idea was born out of my desire to see working people like us, around the world live prosperously, fun-filled and exciting lives on our current income, by practicing sound money habits and leaving a proud legacy.

For years, people in my circle have asked how can you drive this luxury car on a teacher’s salary? How can you travel to 6 continents with little money? How can you save hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in multiple residential real estate properties in the pricey city of Los Angeles, especially given your background? How can you be credit card and student loan debt free? How can you do all of this and save for retirement?

Years of questions like these eventually led me to start this second blog and publish my first book…….  

Mind Over Money;

How to Live like a Millionaire Now,

on any Budget

Practicing the principles in this book has yielded a financially successful and overall abundant life that has led to the creation of worldwide family and friendships, financially successful real estate investments and a fundamentally satisfying life. A life that seems surreal and virtually impossible for a fearful, insecure, timid southern girl from the Mississippi Delta.

My Millionaire Moment #1

I remember watching Women’s Tennis on television as a young, awkward child growing up in my small-town desiring to one day watch matches in person. Imagine my elation, exhilaration, exultation and exuberance when I traveled to Australia for the second time to watch 2 tennis semi-final matches. I sat front, center, first row directly behind two of my favorite players. The first match ‘starred’ Venus Starr Williams, and the second featured a pregnant Serena Williams. Watching both sisters play and win their matches against different opponents at the Australian Open, January, 2017 was a dream come true!

My Millionaire Moment #2

Serena went on to win the Australian Open and left me with my second Millionaire Moment that still causes me “to well up with joy” as my Big Mama would say. At the end of her semi-final match, in the midst of all the cheering and shouting of her name, Serena, Serena, Serena—the G.O.A.T. looked directly into my eyes and smiled with a lingering gesture of warmth, presence and connection that will last a lifetime.

This eye contact and smile symbolizes the vision or mission of the Live like a Millionaire Now movement. It is for working people (like you and me) everywhere to live the life of our dreams! By wielding our ‘money tool’ strategically and being financially witty, what we are dreaming about becomes our reality. Our Millionaire Moments may look different; however, I truly believe we can still live and experience them now! Everyone needs someone or something to believe in.

Let’s take this journey together.

Always in closing….

Financial Success. Not a Gift; a Habit!

So, here’s your homework should you choose to do it (optional)…….

Millionaire Money Tool, Assignment

Briefly, describe your Millionaire Lifestyle and what your Millionaire Moment looks like.

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About Timolin

Born in Mississippi Delta, where she played in cotton fields as a child, Timolin R. Langin comes from a family of sharecroppers and cooks who used sound money sense to own their homes and send their children to college, despite their humble beginnings. As a teenager, she moved to Los Angeles, completed her education at UCLA and became a public-school teacher. Timolin has since applied the easy to implement money management habits learned from her family to build an impressive real estate portfolio and create a life of wealth and abundance –all on a teacher’s salary. She will be sharing the strategies and skills she has learned to help you do the same. Keep coming back!

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