Summer Travel 2020

Summer 2020 travel norms will be different for most of us working people worldwide due to the economic and health impact of COVID-19. Whether we tend to travel abroad or domestically, the hot talk or buzzwords for this summer season is “Sanitation over fun destination.” 

Research reveals that the majority of us are planning to stay close to home due to uncertainty caused by the  coronavirus pandemic. Surveys state that over half, 55% of all travelers have already revealed that they will either travel less or at least differently. 

Because the Live like a Millionaire Now movement is about being strategic with money to leave a legacy and financially savvy enough to Live life by Design, not Default, I still think we can find creative ways to have some summer fun.

As someone who usually travels abroad at the end of the school year, this summer  I too am staying close to home. However, I am still planning to enjoy myself with what I call the 3 Cs:  Camp, Chill & Create. The 3 Cs take place in wide open spaces which makes it easy to maintain physical distancing while feeling socially connected. Who wants to join me?


My first attempt at camping or shall I say “glamping” occurred during a tour of Tasmania, the hometown of my friend I lovingly call Ellie Bellie. Our plan was to pitch a tent and sleep there for at least one night, intentionally giving up the luxury provided by her father’s glamorous camper. 

After spending hours pitching a tent, I eventually chickened out as I laid there reminiscing about tales of possible attacks by snakes or even worse, the Tasmanian devil himself as shared by my American friends.

So if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This summer I am summoning the courage to camp near the lovely waters of Malibu beach. 

Regardless of location, summer camping is an ideal way to enjoy safe fun in the sun. We drive to our destination and get to sing, dance and clap our hands, like Stevie Wonder sings in Sir Duke. We also get to explore the great outdoors:  play games, hike, walk, and run trails, stargaze, or just read and relax.

 By camping in the wild or on BLM land, we are sure to spend less on lodging and accommodations. Some national forests and state parks will even let you stay free for up to 14 days. Others charge a nominal cost ranging from$15.00 to $35 per night. (Car and


Perhaps, you only hear the call of sun, sand and sea for your 2020 summer travel. Chilling or relaxing on a beach anywhere is one of the most thrilling things one can do. 

While most travelers will stay close to home, some of us will venture into what I fondly call “trauma travel”; meaning some will take the risk and jet set around the world. For example, I experienced “trauma travel” by going to Italy in the year of Y2K and Koh Samui just after the Thailand tsunami. 

Now, I am not encouraging you to bite the travel bullet and travel abroad, but there are destinations in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean that are slowly opening their doors to foreign travel where the price of accommodations have been reduced by 50%.  

Should you take it upon yourself and travel abroad, know that you’re taking risks on your own; so research, be safe, follow your government and CDC guidelines, and check with each specific country for its rules, regulations and entry requirements. The bargains are great, but so are the risks is my disclaimer.


Speaking of bargains, some budget hotels and motels are offering weekly packages of $299.

Some airlines are offering huge buy now, travel later discounts for up to 50% off, which could save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars in airfare.

Make sure you are able to travel on that specific day and time, knowing that COVID-19 is the reason for the discount. Though the virus seems to be flattening in certain places, officials are predicting a new wave and increase in corona virus cases and if you cancel, you may not be eligible for a refund. Again, read the fine print and consider the risks you’re willing to take.


The surest way to stay safe and sound is not to travel at all, which leads me to the last “C”.  Summer 2020 is the perfect time to tap into your creative, artistic side.

There are so many fun, free online classes ranging from the arts to exercise and free activities ranging from paint and sip parties to happy hour online. Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback. Just recently, I attended movie night under the stars in a friend’s back yard. It was a lot of fun, sitting under the stars on a warm night. 

Bring your own food and drink, stay 6 feet apart and party. How about a picnic? Take virtual tours of museums, attend virtual camp and explore new places in your hometown or nearby neighborhood. Mountains. Beaches. Parks. Forests.  

Make something, bake something, do something new near you! 

Now that’s what I call summer 2020,

Living like a Millionaire Now!

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