3 Money Lessons for my Unborn Children

Even in this modern day time of 2020, financial education is still rarely taught in our homes and schools. Yet, how working people worldwide manage financial resources continue to have one of the most profound impact on the quality of  everyday life.

Those of you who follow me know that money management and money matters are not taught in the traditional manner, as topics separate and apart from other aspects of living; but rather as an integral part of daily life. Just like you can’t separate your fingers from your hand and not suffer pain,  the same is true when it comes to financial practices. 

I suggest that both money and money matters work so closely together, that just like you spend a few minutes, brushing your teeth every day, it is also important to make time to tend to and manage them daily.

Of course, when we adults learn new lessons we must teach them to the children in our midst, be they relatives, neighbors, students or our own. Let’s start teaching these mini- money lessons now, particularly in light of what we saw and heard in last week’s Live stream. (Go to Facebook, Mind over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire Now for more information). I promised you 3 unorthodox lessons I have learned and planned to teach my unborn and the current children in my life. Perhaps, these money nuggets will benefit the children in your life as well. 

Heuristic Knowledge

One lesson, a rather  powerful one that has increased my financial success is understanding the power and profitability of  heuristic knowledge. I was introduced to this term by the smartest person I have ever met and that would be, my mother. 

Heuristic knowledge can be defined in a number of ways, but for today the following definition will suffice:   mental, practical shortcuts that ease the cognitive load of making a decision and  help solve a problem in the most optimal way. 

Studying for my Masters in Education, I was faced with the decision to wait a semester and take the required, but fun course(Reading seminar) or take the less exciting class being offered now (Social studies seminar) to ensure graduation at the desired time. I wish I could say,  lacking this knowledge led me to my adviser’s office, but another need  prompted my visit. Many of you know that divine intervention is the reason I succeed and hence somehow led to this ‘course’ conversation. 

I somehow indicated that I would wait for the spring semester and take the Reading seminar. He suggested taking the Social Studies seminar now and the Reading seminar in the Spring.

I  took the Social Studies seminar and clearly remember stating, “I have just written my first book”and years later came my second, Mind Over Money, How to Live like a  Millionaire on any Budget, followed by the blog, You Tube channel and now Facebook Live streams.

Excited to take the Reading seminar in the Spring, I thumbed through the Schedule of Class only to discover it wasn’t being offered. OMG! Whew.! Yikes! So glad I followed the advice given.

My friends, that is what I call benefiting from heuristic knowledge; knowledge that the class may not be offered or of take the class you need while you can. Application of this information saved me from emotional and financial turmoil and led to an immediate pay increase. This one decision had a huge impact on the trajectory of my budding career. 

Other heuristic knowledge has also proven helpful in my entrepreneurial activities where limits were being placed on what I could charge for my services. Following the counsel of a savvy business owner led to a “separation of services” that legally enabled me to charge the appropriate higher amount for them.

Having heuristic knowledge has impacted the trajectory of my business more than any other, directly leading to increase in my business and personal life.  


I believe, every child needs a passport, even if its virtual.

My studies as a History major at UCLA, where I received my Bachelors of Arts degree was another profound moment in my life. It wasn’t necessarily the content of the classes that impacted my life– but how they introduced me to a world bigger than the current knowledge and experiences of that time.

My initial goal was to travel all over Europe for 3 weeks, visiting key places I studied. Since then I have been to every continent, except Antarctica initiated by my college major. Because of my travels and broadening of my world view and life experiences, I believe a passport opens, develops and prepares a child’s mind for learning; perhaps even better than a classroom, so says the classroom teacher.

I call it an education in a context where real life experiences and an introduction to new cultures, ideas and lifestyles inform classroom learning. 


Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.

Lastly, I will make sure my unborn children are well grounded in at least one of these fields of study: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, plus Entrepreneurship and strategic personal finance. STEM lessons that encompasses a firm foundation of how money works and investing will serve them well. 

The careers of the future fall into STEM categories and regardless of a child’s career choice, he or she will always need to know how money works, how money should be managed and how to invest appropriately. 

By the way, we have heard your requests for classes in these areas and information is coming soon.

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