Hello World! We’re Baaacccck! Mind Over Money Mondays with Timolin Langin is back in the digital building! We had a good time at the TCT channel, Healthy & Uplifted, and with our friend Salome on Instagram sharing money nuggets and money wisdom for changing times like these.

You all know I am a fan of Big Mama’s wisdom, the more things change the more things stay the same. Yet in the midst of COVID-19; we working people worldwide are discovering it will be difficult to thrive if we continue to practice the financial fossils of the past and fail to implement the money lessons we’re learning right here on Mind Over Money and elsewhere. Even in the midst of these difficult financial times, I believe Big Mama’s financial habits will always lead to financial success.

So today’s 3 money nugget will help us make financial paradigm shifts that will always propel us working people forward as they encompass the physical, emotional and mental aspects of money management. Taking small actionable steps in this arena will help us prepare and get ready, get ready, get ready and stay ready for 2021 and beyond; i.e. build a strong financial infrastructure for the future. 

But first like, share and subscribe. Click here to build your family’s financial infrastructure Now! Let’s look at 3 places to start and launch:

Money is Emotional

In my book, Mind Over Money, I share how our feelings partner with our spending.  This practice of turning to Amazon for a little retail therapy is kicking our financial BOTTOMMMMM (BOTTOM) line. I didn’t get the promotion at work! I got the new corner office! My girlfriend broke up with me! My boyfriend didn’t call. Emotional highs and lows stimulate our spending. Just as some people turn to excess food and drink to cope with disappointment, despair, joy, change; some of us also turn to spending and online shopping, Amazon to soothe our feeling, escape or experience excitement and exhilaration. We will no longer use money as a tonic or tranquilizer.

 Better to find a solution to the emotional challenges of life with an activity that you enjoy; an activity that does NOT require spending. For example, I have become a seasoned runner over the last couple years and find it and singing to be a healthy way to cope with the highs and lows of living. These practices have been good for both my waist, my wallet and my emotional wobbles. So if we’re not going to use money like a tonic or tranquilizer, then how shall we use it? I’m glad you asked and that leads me to number 2.

Money is a Tool

In my book and most recently on TCT Television, I shared this second concept:  Money is a Tool. I believe a strong belief and practice here outweighs all the “isms” of life that come against us working people worldwide. I won’t be able to unpack this like I will in our money labs or classrooms, so to get enrolled or more information, click here

We tend to look at our homes and our family from a personal and emotional standpoint. Today, I am going to ask us to shift and see our home as our headquarters and our family or last name key to empire building; building from an eternal or lasting perspective. I know this is a lot but what the media are  telling us, the stuff in the news have not and do not work for most of us working people worldwide. I believe Big Mama’s wisdom works. Today, I will share with you what she shared with me in terms of using Money like a Tool.

Tap into your Bent; and  work on it from 6pm to midnight, after we leave our 9 to 5 jobs. Reign in your spending and I give you 40+ concrete things you can do right now to stretch and make the money you have in your pocket feel like a raise by just spending strategically.

Money is a Tool to create the life, lifestyle and legacy we desire and get this– for the next 2 to 3 generations, just like the Royal Family, political families and other savvy families, we admire, hear about. Reduce/Eliminate debt, create changing budgets, find free fun things to do, create multiple streams of income whether you make 80 dollars per month or 8,000. I started with 8 dollars an hour and wielded the Money tool to create a very impressive Real estate portfolio here in the second largest state in the US without receiving a nickel from a rich uncle or friend. 

Money is Legacy

This thought leads me to the last little “Money Nugget Monday! What is your family legacy? Mmmmwhaat? Like the families mentioned above, we working people need to think about leaving a financial inheritance to our children and their children. We should be having wealth building conversations with our children, our nieces and nephews, our loved ones around the dinner table regularly.

I have heard a couple of concerns regarding this notion; one is that I worked hard to get where I am so why should I leave an inheritance for them or I have worked so hard and I am concerned that my heirs will squander the wealth. I lay this out in my book and will be unpacking these thoughts and more in our wealth building classes. However, I want to leave you with what I believe to be the solution to these concerns. Come close my friends, the solution is to teach the values that created your family’s wealth. Yes, teach the values that created the wealth!

Our world is changing rapidly, but the more things change; the more the remain the same. The financial principles I teach, what I’ve learned from Big Mama will always work! These strategies are not financial fossils, but financial truths that will endure for generations.

Like what you’re hearing, if so please share, like, tell a friend and leave a comment below. We shall see you next week for more little money nuggets like these and more. We love it when you send in your questions and ideas for streaming. Leave them in the chat below and check out the website for more. We will see you next Monday at 7pm EST and bring a friend.

See Timolin live every Monday on her Facebook page, Mind Over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire Now on Your Budget Now.

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