3 Powerful/Strategic Ways to Increase YOUR Current Income


Hello World! Welcome to our Mind Over Money Blog Post! We are so happy for those who come here and take part in our digital community! 

We love it when you like, share and subscribe to our channel! We encourage you to continue. We did a show a while back where we suggested Real Estate as perhaps the best investment one can make and that anytime is a good time. We received some push back on that and we can take it.

Yet, I just happened to be surfing the net over the weekend and article after article confirmed it. (Some of y’all know, I’m sensitive!)

Top gurus in the world of business says investing in real estate is the safest investment and any time is a good time;  though it does require some preparation. There are many steps one can take to get ready, get ready, get ready.

My financial success in the world of Real Estate began with 2 practices and the one, the one money nugget I want to share today is called Saving.

Let me begin by saying, like many of us working people worldwide, I have not received a nest egg, inheritance or financial help along the way. We are in communication with some people regarding a Facebook project on how to Invest in Real estate and I will keep you posted. So please continue to like, share and comment to stay abreast.

Without any further adieu, let’s get to today’s blog post.

Whether you are starting a business, buying a home, investing or paying daily expenses, you are going to need some capital to be financially successful. I started with 8 dollars an hour and saved over $80,000 which led to the purchase of 3 properties.

How do we Save Now for Your Future?

  1. Save an Emergency Fund:  

While financial gurus recommend having 6 to 8 months of living expenses saved, I always encourage you to start right where you are by saving 6 to 8 quarters per week. Queen of the saving your coins technique led me to write a book and discuss in several videos. Check out my You Tube channel, Mind Over Money with Timolin.

This COVID-19 climate leads us to place a different spin on this approach because less coins are available today. Still save the coins you have access to and use saving apps that allow you to round up on your purchases so that the extra coins can be deposited into your account.

Regardless of where you start, how about we all set a goal to either to increase our emergency fund by $500, deadline December 30, 2020. Knowing we have resources set aside for unexpected financial challenges helps us working people worldwide feel safe and secure. No credit cards or pay day loans needed. In my book, Mind Over Money I share 40+ concrete and easy to implement tools you can use right now to save money on the things you buy everyday.

  1. Save for Increase.

 Whether your goal is to have more money in your pocket, attend college, live the same lifestyle in retirement or invest, you’re going to need a financial springboard.

In addition to having an emergency fund, you will also need to set aside money for the sole purpose of increasing wealth. You’ve heard me talk at nausea, perhaps, about having multiple streams of income. For this purpose, I am going to ask you to create a plan that will gradually allow you to increase your savings up to 20%.

Yes, yes, you heard me right, save 20%. I hear you saying, “I don’t make that much money.” I am going to push back a little and say, well nobody makes enough money. Saving goals always look impossible in the beginning but when you start planting money seeds consistently, you always grow to planting money trees.

Whether you make $40 per week or $40,000 per week, let us all seek to save 20% of our take home pay in 2021. Just imagine, your saving $20 per week for 20 years. How much would you have in your account? Do the math and leave a comment below.

In reference to saving for retirement, Suze Orman states in the Inquirer, “Even small savings now could offset the current shortfall…If Pennsylvania households saved just $1,170 more a year-or about -98$ a month-over the next 15 year period, they could completely erase the gap and allow for a retirement with adequate saving.”

I have been preaching this forever, the key to financial success in retirement, and daily living is making penny donations, quarter donations, dollar donations, multiple dollar donations to your savings account consistently: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, year after year and watch every aspect of your grow.

  1. Save for Fun.

Save for Vacations, the Big Ticket items you love… 

The Live like a Millionaire Now movement started in Australia while I was enjoying the grounds of Rod Laver Arena at the Australian Open. In a semi-final tennis match, I sat on the front row behind the bench of a match starring Venus Williams as she beat her opponent followed by a Serena Williams match.

Both Williams Sisters won as I looked on with pure excitement. I later discovered that Serena was pregnant at that same time as my visit at the Australian Open was where she won her last major and news about her pregnancy became known.

I have been a fan of women’s tennis since I was a little girl and being at that semi-final was HUGE for me. What came afterwards brings me to tears of joy. Everyone is yelling Serena, Serena and the GOAT looks up and makes eye contact with me. Following that was a nice long linger and a BIG smile from my shero! It brings me great joy today to think that a small town girl like me can have big girl experiences like this and more.

Gentlemen from Sweden or Switzerland, if you are listening, I am still waiting for you to email me the picture. You should remember the girl you served as photographer and videographer for the day.

Live like a Millionaire Now is here for us working people worldwide to share financial information, shopping tips and more so we can encourage one another in community to live our lives to the full; to live like millionaires on our budget!

Sometimes, we just need someone to walk alongside us. And that is why I am here every week to help you build your financial infrastructure so you can do the SAME.

Financial success is not a gift; it is a HABIT!

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