3 Simple Ways to Save Money & Enjoy this Holiday Season

Money, Money, Money! Money, Money, Monday! Money, Monday! Hello World, I am Timolin Langin coming to you again from Los Angeles with 3 money nuggets to help you stay financially fit this holiday season. 

The Holidays are here!

And it’s time to celebrate!

Given these days of corona virus and tough times, I have been reminiscing about the “good old” days of growing up in Mississippi and the real reason for the season.

The reason for the season, if I might ponder is to get back to what matters most:  old fashion pastimes like eating, talking and having fun. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and/or Kwanzaa, for sure each holiday has its own unique traditions and yet also the following in common:   family, friends, music, singing and bonding through old school “chitchatting.”

At least, that’s the way it was in my Mississippi household and I would imagine for most of you as well, particularly, for those of us growing up in the  (cough and say ties….) s—-ties. 

Given the state of affairs, I highly recommend a focus on the riches of togetherness; not things. Focus on the presents of the present and embrace the idea that fundamentally speaking, all is well, even though there may be fewer gifts under the Christmas tree.

However, knowing your holiday celebration will involve some spending, here are 3 tips to help you get through the season without breaking your piggy bank:

  1. Have a Potluck. Mississippi families are famous for every adult household bringing a dish with very little coordination and arrangements.  (Because meat is generally the most expensive food item, I highly recommend splitting the cost with several adults based on the number of attendees.  Other loved ones can bring vegetables, grains, desserts, etc.  Big bulk or warehouse stores offer great value and price points.) Given our current climate, these gatherings will happen on a smaller scale with fewer people.  (Be mindful of CDC guidelines in this Corona virus climate.) 

2. Shop at off-brand or non-traditional stores for gifts. I have discovered some of the best places to shop where gifts can be purchased well below market value. Designer clothes, shoes and other pricey items can be bought at consignment and vintage stores. I purchased a Liz Claiborne purse for $1.00 and it was used, but still in good condition. 

(Check out my book Mind Over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire on any Budget and my  YouTube channel, Mind over Money with Timolin for 40+ ways to stretch your current dollars and  Chic for Cheap videos and more.)

3. Lastly, use your special gifts or talents to make, bake, or write. For example, if you are a seamstress, then sew a gift, if you are a baker, then bake a cake, or if you are a writer, then pen a poem– these personalized gifts can warm hearts and deepen connections; efforts like these are more closely aligned with the reason for the season. 

My friend, Sara is so talented and made this very special cross which means so much to me personally. I literally carry it around as a reminder of God’s love and care for me. 

In closing, remember, the best gifts are not under the tree or on the table, this year more than ever, the best gifts are around the table. It may even be a virtual table.

In this vein, this is our last Livestream of the Year 2020! We are so thankful for all of you who tune in live weekly, for those of you who watch later:   like, subscribe and share. 

We have had an amazing year of growth, speaking engagements and television appearances.  Even as I speak now, there is something in the works. When I see you in January, I hope to have more information to share. So happy holidays to you all! See you in 2021! Mwah!

About the Author

Timolin shares financial tips to help you become a more effective money manager regardless of your income so that you can live your best life; like a Millionaire on YOUR Budget!.

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