Timolin R. Langin

Timolin Langin has become a millionaire on a teacher’s salary. A veteran teacher, author, real estate investor, and world traveler. Timolin has built an impressive financial portfolio that includes eight properties in Los Angeles, one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. With many years in the classroom, a multiple subject credential, and a B.A. in History and M.A. in Education, she is well prepared to teach and share from experience.

Timolin’s teachings cover the major impact emotional spending/overspending has on wealth building, specific tasks one can take to increase wealth and decrease debt through strategic spending and saving techniques, and advice on investments, entrepreneurship and more.

She proves that financial success is less about actual income and more about effective money management, passion, purpose, and a zest for living.


Timolin is the international author of the book:

Mind Over Money

How to Live Like a Millionaire on Any Budget

Mind Over Money contradicts conventional practices in the areas of money management and covers related topic of money matters. Readers will increase their financial savvy by learning how to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with practices that yield increased financial success. These seed planting practices will help you increase wealth and leave a financial legacy, which includes passing on the values that created the wealth.

Timolin in the Media

Timolin has been featured as a Special Guest on many networks & podcasts, as she has also been featured in various written articles. If you’d like to browse some of her guest spots, and featured articles please hit the “MEDIA” button below!

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