6 Ways To Budget In Times of Crisis COVID-19

In an effort to help, I am going to share an alternative way of looking at some interesting, perhaps, even unsound financial advice being disseminated from well-established people in the world of business, government and personal finance.

Here are 6 practices I am using to maintain my home primarily on a teacher’s salary in light of COVID-19 and I believe they will help working people like us worldwide.

The 10 Commandments of Financial Success

Difficult times, often force us to evaluate what financial success is and looks like --particularly when they are not of our making i.e. catastrophes, occurrences beyond our control, COVID-19. The amount of income needed for financial peace varies per family, per person and per lifestyle. However, for working people at all financial levels, challenging times like these encourage us to assess and reassess what is important.

Is Lebron James Rich or Wealthy

LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE NOW! Is Lebron James Rich or Wealthy?            by Timolin R. Langin   In my writing and conversations, the topic about the difference between rich and wealthy comes up from time to time. Some people would say there’s not much of a difference between the two. When... Continue Reading →

Live Like a Millionaire NOW!

  Hello World and Welcome to the Live Like a Millionaire Now Movement, on New Fit World TV! I am so excited to share money tips, stories and take questions to help working people everywhere Live Life by Design; not Default!~Timolin R. Langinhttps://youtu.be/rabqcRanztg This idea was born out of my desire to see working people like... Continue Reading →

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