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Starting October 13th – November 17, 2020

Strategic Wealth Management for Families

This course is designed for people who want to get out and stay out of debt, and more. This course is designed for singles and married couples who want to live a great life and leave a flourishing legacy for generation through well lived and properly managed financial and other resources. Building wealthy families and communities.

How to Prosper in the Real Estate Business

This course is designed to show you how to “Mind and Manage” a successful Real Estate business, share the secrets to success that no one tells you when buying, investing and maintaining rental units. 

 *Cashier’s check accepted by mail to avoid cash app fees.*

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About Timolin R. Langin

Born in Mississippi Delta where she played in cotton field as a child, Timolin hails from a family of sharecroppers and cooks who used sound money sense to own their own homes and send their children to college, despite their humble mean. In her late teens, she moved to Los Angeles to complete her education at UCLA and become a public-school teacher. Timolin has since applied these strategic money principles she learned from her family to build and manage an impressive real estate portfolio and create a life of wealth and abundance – – all on a modest teaching salary. She will be showing you how to increase wealth via whether you work for a company, whether you work and want additional streams of income, or whether you want to start a business and manage it well.

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